Interpreting & Translation Services in Italian and English


Interpreting Services from Italian to English and English to Italian

For conferences, business meetings, negotiations, technical workshops, training courses, product demonstrations, trade fairs and overseas business trips, LIMA provides the following interpreting services:

  • Consecutive – the interpreter may take notes and interpret after the speaker has finished or pauses for the interpretation. Used in formal meetings, negotiations, training sessions or lectures.
  • Simultaneous – the interpreter provides the interpretation into the other language while the speaker is speaking, and is usually in an interpreting booth and uses audio equipment.
  • Chuchotage/whispering – similar to simultaneous except the interpreter sits close to the listener and whispers the interpretation without technical aids.
  • Liason/ad hoc - interpretation between two languages usually in informal conversations between 2 or more people. Often used in business meetings, site visits, social events etc.